Introversi sebagai Tolak Ukur?

Blog E.

“Introverts are not shy by definition, but they become drained by social encounters and need time alone to recharge. Introversion might be partially explained by culture, genetics and upbringing. More men are introverts than women. It seems counter-intuitive, but introverts and closet introverts populate the highest corporate offices, so much so that four in 10 top executives test out to be introverts.“
(Del Jones, “Not All Successful CEOs are Extroverts”)

Introvert berbeda dengan pemalu, hanya saya orang introvert bisa merasa tidak nyaman dengan interaksi sosial yang terlalu lama. Mereka butuh waktu sendiri untuk mengisi energi. Bahkan, jumlah laki-laki yang introvert lebih banyak daripada perempuan. Di dunia perkantoran, orang-orang introvet cukup mendominasi. Setidaknya 4 dari 10 eksekutif adalah introvert.

“Some introverts aren’t stereotypically shy and can strike up conversations with anyone. These introverts enjoy talking and listening to people, and going to parties and events. But most introverts would rather be…

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  1. Oh men spertinya sya introvert.. #dudukdipojokan

    1. sama 😀 #dudukpalingdepan

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