Dear Mom and Dad


The Daily Journal


Dear Dad,
I know it’s difficult to manage your time: work, family, your daily life. Thank you for working so hard 40 hours every week to make sure your family live a great life.
Thank you for always giving me money at the parking lot when you drop me off every morning, even though I’m 21.
Thank you for always sending me a whatsapp chatting when I’m not home at 10 PM. I know you were worried, but you won’t to show it anyway.
Thank you for always saying that you are proud of me, even though I’m not doing what you’ve always want me to do.
I’m really glad you are my dad because you are one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for not saying ‘go get a job’ when I was jobless several months ago.
Thank you for always believing…

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