I Promise

Every time that i need you by my side, every time i lose my way in life, you’re my circle of life. Compass and guide there behind me and one day when the tables finally turn and it’s me that you’re depending on, i’ll put you first, hold you close, like you taught me know that i’ll be there for you.

I promise anytime you call me, it don’t matter where i am, i always be there, like you’ve been there. I’ll always care for you, go anywhere for you. If you need me closer, i’ll be right over. I swear

There are days when i just don’t want to talk and your feelings hit a wall, but that won’t change the love you’re raised inside this family. Everything that i do is to make you proud. I just want to say and say it loud.

You’re my heat when i’m cold, the place i call home and always will be. Having someone to go to, having someone to love, having both is a blessing. That was sent from above

Oh i know that weherever i’ll go, you’ll be forever in my heart…


by. Harris J – I Promise



  1. ciyeeee.. *eh..

    1. haha 😀 ciyee diciyein

  2. ehem nih mbak 😀

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